Thursday, January 14, 2010


I showed up today with nothing to write about. Zilch. Zippo. Nada. But... I need to write something, as I've promised myself I will write a daily blog for the forseeable future.
Okay. What's happening in the world today? Haiti. Everyone we look people are talking about Haiti. Well.. this seems to be a large scale version of what charity looks like here. Give the bare minimum. Show the requisite amount of concern and compassion. Then forget about the issue.
These countries just rot while we continue to party. I was shocked to hear that nearly all of the island is deforested. Too many people, too few resources. I recommend Thom Hartman's site He's been talking about how all the 'free' trade 'agreements' that the rich countries have been engaged in have continued to destroy any chance of prosperity in that country.

Ok. What else? Mark McGwire. Pathetic. The most destructive lies are the ones we tell ourselves. In the end it doesn't matter who's listening, when we are truly honest with ourselves we can move forward. I'm reminded of the time a teacher I respected told me that I had behaved like a wimp. I was furious; how dare she say that! Not true! She hurt me so deeply! I couldn't possibly be a wimp! I'm a big strong man, etc....

No. Not true. We all have strong moments and wimpy ones. A truly strong person can comfortably admit, 'hey, in that moment, yeah, I was a wimp'. McGwire had his chance to say 'yep, I did steroids to get an edge, I cheated, I had an unfair advantage, the record isn't authentic.' Instead, he invalidated the whole exercise by lying to us and himself. We all know when people are conning us.

Is that it for today? Such a stunning winter's day in Los Angeles! This is the weather everybody speaks of as the reason for living here. It certainly isn't the clean air.

I see possibilities today. Why are some days filled with expectancy while others are dormant, lifeless, grey? I suspect it's how we go to sleep the night before, what we tell ourselves. We all have our own unique narrative and that voice that speaks over the movie of our life can be whatever we want it to be. That's a simultaneously challenging and comforting thought.

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