Sunday, November 15, 2009


We hopefully are all born into this world with eager, loving parents waiting to clasp us to their chests and promise us many years of unconditional love and support. However, for many of us, the 'warm hearth' and loving family we dream of is not reflected back to us in reality. Some of us become bitter. Others are ready to sell off a part of themselves to feel as if they 'belong', that they are part of a group and loved. There are some of us who become hard-bitten, cynical, deciding to resent the world for not making us feel loved and appreciated.
The older I get, the more I return to a childlike appreciation of the simple things- this morning, the day was like a diamond, with a cool breeze, a cloudless blue sky and that rarity of rarities- at least in LA- a clear view to the horizon! Ok.. maybe that's an embellishment... but you get the sense of it. The day made me happy. Now, as I sit here in the evening, waiting for my beloved, my girlfriend to come home and eat pizza with me, I am so grateful to have found my chosen family, the person with whom I can create a warm, loving environment, the very place that is the bedrock of fulfillment, contentment and, dare I say, happiness. For although happiness by itself is not the human condition, I do believe we are built to be part of a greater sum, part of something loving and warm and supportive. Indeed, I think now that all of our difficulties come from a reaction to a separation from that.
So it is truly miraculous and goddamned fantastic to have found my loved one. Pizza on a sunday night never felt so good.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Greater Awareness

This week has been enormously challenging and, as with all challenges, an incredible opportunity for personal/spiritual growth.

As I've faced certain situations which had triggered alot of fear for me, I found myself being aware of another part of me... a voice that was calm, strong, an aspect of myself that knew beyond any doubt it would all turn out for the best if I lived my truth and claimed my space.

You may know the saying, 'speak up even if your voice shakes'..

A profound understanding that I've come to is knowing that having an awareness that there's another way of seeing a situation is the first step to moving beyond the shackles of fear. As I stood up this week and spoke my truth and didn't give ground on what I knew was right and ethical for me, I realized that if we are aware of a fear, and if we take action despite fear of unknown consequences and change, we are moving beyond that fear. Growing. It may begin with the most delicate, quiet voice inside us saying,

'I want to feel good. Feeling good about myself and joyous in life has to be more important than my finances, my position or my reputation...'

This is not to say we shouldn't take care of our finances. Taking care of house and home is part of affirming and loving oneself. However, I know that when we affirm abundance by trusting we'll end up in the right place if we follow our sense of truth, we are provided with everything we need.

I know that those moments of self-affirmation and following my own sense of integrity make me feel good about myself and hugely optimistic about life. No sense of 'security' will ever provide

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Actors Triad

How would you rate yourself for talent, out of 10?

Guess what. You're a 10.

It isn't a matter of talent. It's simply a matter of access.

The pathway to that expressive, passionate, dynamic actor is closer than we think.

Once discovered, it leads us to a reservoir of responsiveness and possibility that is truly

limitless. Discovering that pathway, through joy and rigor and a clear, step-by-step creative process is our goal.

There's never been anyone like you. There never will be again. And the unique being

that is you, combined with this unique moment, that will never occur again, can create

a truly unique response. This is why we go to the theatre and to the movies. This is why

we pay money to see you play the wonderful parts that are written for us as actors.

It isn't a matter of talent. It's simply of matter of access.

Actors Triad.

Monday, May 25, 2009

About Me

I was a working actor in Sydney, Australia , working on major movies, tv series and plays and yet... whenever that script arrived, I would stare at it.. sitting on the table, calling to me..

but when I opened the package, and read the thing, my next question would always be:

What the hell do I do now?

Around that time I was studying with a teacher who handed me an excerpt from a book called

Sanford Meisner on Acting. I had never heard of this man but I read the two paragraphs that had been placed in front of me. And everything changed.

The next day I went out and bought the book and inhaled it in two days. The book describes a class, a 2-year journey with Mr.Meisner in New York. Upon finishing the book I knew what I had to do. I was going to go to New York and study that system, be in that class! I studied with renowned teacher Maggie Flanigan who introduced and guided me through the rigorous, dynamic and thrilling process of the Meisner technique. I have since worked in theatre and television in New York, LA and all over the US and now also privately coach and teach the process.. something that always re-inspires and re-awakens my own passion and love for the art of acting!

Class Structure

Every actor will get to work 3 times in this class. Part 1 will begin with exercises getting the actor in touch with their innate ability to passionately listen, respond and take action: Repetition, Activity, Domestic Exercise, all designed to strengthen the Fundamentals of acting from which all inspiration emerges!

We then move on to the core of the class, Cold Reading. Students will be paired up and given scenes from plays, television and film, working with the dynamics they've developed in Part 1 and, at this point, understanding how to work with themselves as actors using circumstance, relationship and objective. This particular way of learning and doing Cold Reading is a dynamic exercise in bringing the actor to a full, spontaneous life in the scene having very little time with the material. The actor will learn and grow tremendously and have a blast at the same time!

Part 3 will be scene study/monologs. Every actor in the class will be required to have one monolog ready to act in front of the class; this will allow for the actor to have their own work in development on a week-to-week basis. Actors will also be paired for scenework, involving rehearsal away from class. This will allow for a deepening of the process they're learning through Parts 1 & 2.

Moving parallel with all of this will be Actors Movement work, which will encourage actors to open up and expand the expressivity of their bodies and voices.

It's going to be rigorous and fun....