Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today saw a new world record. No, it wasn't in the 100m, or a downhill run in skiing (barely a sport in my opinion- probably falls into the same dumpster with golf as a leisure activity).

It was in the toughest, most competitive, brain-draining word game in the world:


For anyone not familiar with this game, get on your facebook page and check it out. But beware: you will spend a lot of time battling it out with former friends who are now sworn vocabularic (new word) enemies.

But back to the order of business for today. Victoria had held our household record for the highest single-round score, 199. That had always niggled at me; I've always considered myself superior to her when it came to word games and certainly the prevailing opinion was that, overall, I was a slightly better wordtwister. Certainly my career record and Wordtwist IQ would suggest it.

Those days are officially over. Not only has Victoria routinely beaten me of late, but today, just one day after I rewrote history with a 201 score round score, Victoria has stepped up and played the same round, with a stunning result:

211. That's right. 211.

You must understand, dear reader, that the previous ALL-TIME high score for a round that we had seen was 207. That had seemed stratospheric to both of us. I was elated to crack the 200 and take 1st place between the two of us. Ms Engelmayer has now stepped out and not only topped my score, but climbed the highest mountain of all.

Sometimes when competing you simply have to doff your cap to your opponent. To top it all off, it appears I'm heading toward yet another defeat.

This day shall forever be remembered as the Massacre at 5427.

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