Thursday, January 21, 2010

24 Part III

Kiefer Sutherland was an absolute gentleman and a whirlwind of creative energy. I've never seen someone have that much creative input into every single shot. He works on set in the same way that Jack Bauer pursues his missions: forceful, smart, intuitive, completely present. Great stuff.

I had a blast and it left me wanting more. I had to wait for a long time and that gave me the chance to stand out in the changing weather and watch an incredible dance of low, high, light and dark clouds making their way across the turbulent sky. Beautiful.

Now I'm exhausted and content. No, I didn't lug steel girders or dig ditches but I showed up ready to play today and that sense of readiness and willingness takes energy, energy I was happy to give.

As far as I was concerned, for those couple of hours of shooting, 24 was my show and I was its lead.

I handed it back to Kiefer when I was done.

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