Thursday, January 21, 2010

24 Part II

It's still raining, which means my scene will be shot today! Still excited. Of course. This is the reason I came to Los Angeles.

Should I improvise, a la Dustin Hoffmann's character in Tootsie, when he gets his chance? Maybe when Jack puts a gun to the back of my head and demands an answer, I should turn on him, force the gun loose, knock him out and take over his mission. Same name, though. Just like James Bond and Doctor Who, Jack Bauer would remain, only with a different face and flaming hair.

Why not, right?

Maybe I'll cut Kiefer a break this time. He's worked hard and drunk harder to get where he is today and he does a fine job in the lead. I'm a believer that there's enough to go round for everyone.

Ok, time to shower and get moving. I need to shake off my anger and despair over the supreme court's latest ruling but more on that later.

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