Friday, January 29, 2010


Victoria and I are onto the second season of the Ricky Gervais show Extras.

Say what you will about the man himself; his writing is terrific- human, ruthless, sharp enough to cut paper. There are alot of actors in LA who should see this. I say that in the hope that they watch it and recognise something in themselves that might need working on. Gervais' character's desperation to get 'a line', his tragic need to elevate himself above others through assocations with people he thinks will move him forward is a painful joy to watch.

Mongolian BBQ tonight. Never had it before. I'm fascinated to see what the Mongols like to eat these days.

A friend of mine is opening his own bar. Very inspiring. I came home and said to Victoria how great it was for him to be creating something that he can 'watch grow'. Ah.... to invest in something, to create something and watch it grow... we all need that in our lives. Some people find that experience through having a family, some through art, business... some through many different facets.

I'm coming to the end of A Short History of Nearly Everything. It has made me see the world a little differently. For instance: I noticed a mould that was growing in the corner of my bedroom. Instead of the usual revulsion which would be triggered by the sight of a damp brown entity growing along the bottom of my bedroom wall, I actually was quite fond of it. Little cherub, I thought to myself. After all, its impulse is the same as ours when it's all boiled down- to live, to spread itself around, to prosper. The difference, however, is that I can end of all that with one spray of my anti-mould solution. Which I intend to do the minute I sign off here.

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