Saturday, January 30, 2010


Why do we strain for greatness? Why do we pile so much pressure on ourselves by insisting on looking at 'the big picture', all the while ignoring the joy of simple, doable tasks?

After all, any great goal attained was done so through a succession of the smallest steps. Large steps happen spontaneously, through great instinct and/or courage. But on a daily basis, it's the smaller ones that bring joy and allow us to move closer to our dreams.

For instance, as I sit at my computer googling, I decide to listen to a french language-learning podcast. Currently I speak french quite well as a second language but am far from fluent. Listening to this podcast on a daily basis will move me closer to one of my cherished dreams: to speak french absolutely fluently. What is this resistance that puts up obstacles to my turning on the podcast?

There is little to be gained at this point in overthinking the resistance; it is enough to know that it exists and its antidote is to take the smallest step to move through it. That step was to turn on Itunes. The next step was to find the podcast. After that, to hit play.


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