Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The morning of my fitting for 24. I'm a little nervous, alot excited. I woke this morning with the thought, Life Is An Adventure.

Once again, it's all about how we view a given experience. I could easily decide to get anxious about this and worry about being 'good', or proving myself. Fuck that. I was watching that terrible third installment of the awful recent Star Wars saga and I heard Yoda say, 'you must be prepared to let go of what you are most afraid to lose.'

Great advice. Essential, in fact.

So today I'm going to get fitted for a blackwater-ish computer guy. They were very specific about the boots I'm going to be wearing. I find that fascinating, seeing as I'm sitting at a desk the entire time. Not true, actually. I do get knocked out by Mr.Sutherland at the end of the scene. Maybe there's an extreme close-up of my shoes as I hit the deck.

Stand by for the post-shoot entry. And keep this blog to yourself.

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