Thursday, May 28, 2009

Actors Triad

How would you rate yourself for talent, out of 10?

Guess what. You're a 10.

It isn't a matter of talent. It's simply a matter of access.

The pathway to that expressive, passionate, dynamic actor is closer than we think.

Once discovered, it leads us to a reservoir of responsiveness and possibility that is truly

limitless. Discovering that pathway, through joy and rigor and a clear, step-by-step creative process is our goal.

There's never been anyone like you. There never will be again. And the unique being

that is you, combined with this unique moment, that will never occur again, can create

a truly unique response. This is why we go to the theatre and to the movies. This is why

we pay money to see you play the wonderful parts that are written for us as actors.

It isn't a matter of talent. It's simply of matter of access.

Actors Triad.

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