Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Greater Awareness

This week has been enormously challenging and, as with all challenges, an incredible opportunity for personal/spiritual growth.

As I've faced certain situations which had triggered alot of fear for me, I found myself being aware of another part of me... a voice that was calm, strong, an aspect of myself that knew beyond any doubt it would all turn out for the best if I lived my truth and claimed my space.

You may know the saying, 'speak up even if your voice shakes'..

A profound understanding that I've come to is knowing that having an awareness that there's another way of seeing a situation is the first step to moving beyond the shackles of fear. As I stood up this week and spoke my truth and didn't give ground on what I knew was right and ethical for me, I realized that if we are aware of a fear, and if we take action despite fear of unknown consequences and change, we are moving beyond that fear. Growing. It may begin with the most delicate, quiet voice inside us saying,

'I want to feel good. Feeling good about myself and joyous in life has to be more important than my finances, my position or my reputation...'

This is not to say we shouldn't take care of our finances. Taking care of house and home is part of affirming and loving oneself. However, I know that when we affirm abundance by trusting we'll end up in the right place if we follow our sense of truth, we are provided with everything we need.

I know that those moments of self-affirmation and following my own sense of integrity make me feel good about myself and hugely optimistic about life. No sense of 'security' will ever provide

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